Skills for IT Professionals

Type Class Name Instructor More Info
IT Skills Intro To PowerShell Kyle Wilson More Info
IT Skills Intro to DBA (SQL Server) Kyle Wilson More Info
Certification CompTIA A+ Daniel Payne
Certification CompTIA Network+ Daniel Payne
Certification CompTIA Security+ Daniel Payne
Certification CompTIA Server+ Daniel Payne
Certification CompTIA CT+ Daniel Payne

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General Office Training

Type Class Name Instructor
Application Adobe Photoshop Daniel Payne
Application Microsoft Excel Daniel Payne
Application Microsoft Office Daniel Payne
Application Microsoft Outlook Daniel Payne
Application Microsoft PowerPoint Daniel Payne
Application Microsoft Publisher Daniel Payne
Application Microsoft Word Daniel Payne
Application Microsoft Project Kate Fiala
Manufacturer Microsoft Mike Clem
Operating System Windows 7 Mike Clem
Operating System Windows 8 Mike Clem
Operating System Windows 10 Mike Clem
Operating System SUSE Linux Daniel Payne
Job Skills IT Beginner Mike Clem
Job Skills User Mike Clem
Types of Software Office Suite Mike Clem
Types of Software Operating Systems Mike Clem

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Intro To PowerShell

It is likely that in the coming years, PowerShell will be a requirement for all Network Admins. But, PowerShell is a giant subject to cover and there is no way that it could be taught in a single class. PowerShell takes months to master, and by the time you "master" it, a new version might have already been released. This course is to jump start you in your PowerShell career and aid you in dealing with different versions of PowerShell.

Intro to Database Administration (SQL Server)

This course is designed to teach the basics of being a Database Administrator with a focus on Microsoft's SQL Server. This course will discuss everything from backup strategies to navigation of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).